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You will receive a result for each of your units of study at the end of semester. Find out when results are released and what they mean.


You will receive your Semester 2 results by email. We will send an email with your results to your University student email account by 9am, on the day your results are released. After 24 hours, your results will then be available in Sydney Student.

If you have a sanction applied to your record at the time of results release, your email will not include any results.

In some instances you may have a missing or incomplete (IC) result after results are released.

Your results for previous semesters are in Sydney Student. Go to ‘My studies’, then ‘Assessments’ to view your results notice. You can also view them on your academic transcript.

Results publication安陆长华进贸易有限公司

Event or deadline Date

Results for replacement exams will become available approximately two weeks after your exam. You can confirm this with your unit of study coordinator.

You may need to wait until the end of the current semester to receive your results for an intensive unit. If you’re unsure about a result for an intensive unit, contact your unit of study coordinator.


There are different types of average marks used at the University, including Weighted Average Mark (WAM), Annual Average Mark (AAM) and Semester Average Mark (SAM).

Find out more about average marks and how they are calculated.


The University awards common result grades, set out in the Coursework Policy 2014 (Schedule 1).

Each faculty or school and unit of study has specific criteria for meeting the learning outcomes of each unit. These can generally be found in your unit of study outline. Contact your unit of study coordinator for further details.

Result code

Result name

Mark range



High distinction

85 - 100

Awarded when you demonstrate the learning outcomes for the unit at an exceptional standard, as defined by grade descriptors or exemplars outlined by your faculty or school.



75 - 84

Awarded when you demonstrate the learning outcomes for the unit at a very high standard, as defined by grade descriptors or exemplars outlined by your faculty or school.



65 - 74

Awarded when you demonstrate the learning outcomes for the unit at a good standard, as defined by grade descriptors or exemplars outlined by your faculty or school.



50 - 64

Awarded when you demonstrate the learning outcomes for the unit at an acceptable standard, as defined by grade descriptors or exemplars outlined by your faculty or school.



0 - 49

When you don’t meet the learning outcomes of the unit to a satisfactory standard.


Absent fail

0 - 49

When you haven’t completed all assessment tasks or met the attendance requirements.



No mark

When your enrolment has been cancelled.


Discontinued not to count as failure

No mark

When you discontinue a unit after the relevant census date but before the DC deadline.


Discontinue – fail

No mark

When you discontinue a unit after the DC deadline but before the DF deadline


Failed requirements

No mark

When you don’t meet the learning outcomes to a satisfactory standard, for units which are marked as either Satisfied requirements or Failed requirements.


Satisfied requirements

No mark

When you meet the learning outcomes to a satisfactory standard, for units which are marked as either Satisfied requirements or Failed requirements.



No mark

When you discontinue a unit before the relevant census date. WD grades do not appear on your academic transcript


‘Incomplete’ results are temporary results used when your final grade has not been finalised. Your results may be incomplete because:

  • you were granted an extension to submit a final piece of work due to illness or misadventure
  • your examiner needs to seek additional information before awarding your grade
  • your honours program, exchange program or placement finishes after the session ends.

Your faculty or school will need to approve and finalise your result. Once this has happened, your results notice will be updated and you’ll receive an email notifying you of the change.

If you have any questions regarding an Incomplete result, contact your unit of study coordinator.

Result code

Result name

Mark range




No Mark

Temporarily used when further information is being sought or additional work considered before a final result is given. You will not be able to re-enrol with an IC result.


Result incomplete

No mark

Temporarily used in cases where a result will remain incomplete for a longer period than the IC (Incomplete) result. You will be able to re-enrol with an RI result.


Unit of Study Continuing

No mark

When a unit continues in the following session. You will be able to re-enrol with a UC result.


If you have a result missing, you will need to contact your unit of study coordinator. Once your faculty or school finalises your result, your results notice will be updated.


Your faculty or school will provide you with marking criteria specific to your honours course. If you have any questions, contact your honours coordinator.

Honours class

Honours mark range (for honours up to 96 credit points)*

Honours mark range (for honours of 96 credit points or more)*

First Class

80 - 100

75 - 100

Second Class / Division 1

75 - 79

70 - 74

Second Class / Division 2

70 - 74

65 - 69

Third Class

65 - 69

50 – 64 **

Not awarded honours

0 - 64

0 – 49 **

*Some honours courses may require you to achieve higher marks. Check your course resolutions in your handbook and the Coursework Policy 2014.

**Prior to 2017, Third Class honours was not awarded for honours of 96 credit points or more. If your mark was in the range 0 to 64, you were not awarded honours.


  • Level 3, Jane Foss Russell Building, Darlington Campus

Make an enquiry

Opening hours: 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

From Saturday 21 December to Tuesday 7 January we have alternate opening hours.

Last updated: 12 December 2019


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